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Estate planning. You might just be one of the 50% of all individuals who have done their estate planning. Congratulations. How is your house titled: Solely, Jointly, Tenants in Common, Joint Tenant with right of survivorship? All these have different implications, and your Estate Plan might not be controlling. Did you realize this? These are the Estate Planning misses we see when reviewing an online estate plan or estate planning done by a lawyer who should not be doing estate planning. Having completed over 2,500 estate plans, this is what we do: Estate Planning

When, if not right now, is the impetus to take action to make sure you avoid these misses?

  1. 50% of all individuals do not have any estate planning.
  2. Will you disinherit your kids from receiving your 401(k) / IRA ?
  3. There is a reason the “tax informed” have a business or a farm – why don’t you?
  4. Will your surviving spouse remarry after your death and disinherit your children?

Be honest – Are you not sure your estate plan is done properly, or you don’t have an estate plan. Let’s get this fixed now – it’s that simple. I would rather you come in and we have a conversation, we do a bit of legal work and presto – you now know the misses you would have made and you now know you have fixed them. If you’re climbing Mt. Everest, you don’t do it alone – you follow your Sherpa to guide you there. Why? They have already been successful many times and are there to help you to guide you to success. This is exactly the same concept when you start working with Estate Management Counselors – we are your guide to help you achieve success – a successful estate plan.

Not sure what the next step should be?

Taking advantage of THE BUNDLE – at an inflation busting 75% discount !!

My guarantee to you: 100% satisfaction guarantee !!

To a prosperous and happy 2023!!

Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA

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