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The typical 60/40 stocks to bond mix has missed the mark. Fed Chairman Powell has made a firm stand on combating inflation –

  1. Another 75 basis point adjustment in the Federal Funds rate is almost a certainty
  2. Borrowing cost on a 30-year mortgage has doubled – 7%+ mortgage rates
  3. Credit Card interest rates have jumped
  4. Yet, unemployment remains at historic lows

Have you honestly considered what you need to look for in your portfolio in a rising rate environment? Your safe and secure retirement is YOUR responsibility. What steps should you take – If your climbing Mt. Everest, you don’t do it alone – you follow your Sherpa to guide you there. Why? They have already done this many times and are there to help you. This is similar to working with Estate Management Counselors – we are your guide – we have already assisted hundreds of others in making the decisions you face.

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To a prosperous and happy 2022!!

Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA

P.S. Your tax, estate and financial plan – done: THE BUNDLE


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