Golden Ticket S2

step 2

What is your Golden Ticket? We all are looking for one: A “financial, tax or estate planning strategy that accomplishes our pressing objective.

2022 was a terrible year for market returns:

S&P500 dropped 19.4%

NASDAQ 100 plummeted by 34.2%.

When, if not right now, is the impetus to claim your Golden Ticket and take action to accomplish your pressing objective?

  1. 50% of all individuals do not have any estate planning.
  2. Will you disinherit your kids from receiving your 401(k) / IRA ?
  3. Do you want to participate in market when it goes up, never when it goes down?
  4. Missing out on funding your Roth IRA for you and your spouse? Kids?
  5. Afraid to open your monthly account statements?
  6. There is a reason the “tax informed” have a business or a farm – why don’t you?

Be honest – Are you paralyzed and don’t know what you need to adjust in your portfolio in a rising rate environment? Your safe and secure retirement is YOUR responsibility. What steps should you take – If you’re climbing Mt. Everest, you don’t do it alone – you follow your Sherpa to guide you there. Why? They have already been successful many times and are there to help you to guide you to success. This is exactly the same concept when you start working with Estate Management Counselors – we are your guide to help you achieve success – we have already assisted hundreds of others in making the financial / estate and tax planning decisions you face.

Not sure what the next step should be?

Taking advantage of THE BUNDLE – at an inflation busting 75% discount !!

My guarantee to you: 100% satisfaction guarantee !!

To a prosperous and happy 2023!!

Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA

P.S. Your tax, estate and financial plan – done: THE BUNDLE


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