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Taxes, Taxes and even more taxes. Stockbrokers are NOT licensed to give you tax advice in their investment recommendations. If you are a “do-it yourself” kinda person how are you staying up-to-date on all the tax law changes and implications? Your 1-800 firm is NOT licensed to give you tax advice.

Every financial decision you make involves tax planning. Are you ready to receive licensed tax planning advice incorporated with your investment decisions?

Estate Management Counselors, LLC can be your fiduciary professional investment counselor and advisor as we are licensed to provide our valued clients with integrated tax planning advice. Interested in learning how Estate Management Counselors can add value to your investment portfolio? Contact us at 1-877-654-9798.

A unique offering we are providing to our listeners: THE BUNDLE

To a prosperous and happy 2023!!

Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA

P.S. Your tax, estate and financial plan – done: THE BUNDLE


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