Business Planning

Estate Management Counselors, LLC provides comprehensive business planning services to their clients.  Business planning involves more than just leaving the business to the next generation or to the surviving business owner(s). Business planning involves reviewing life-time planning such as fringe benefits, qualified deferred compensation plans, nonqualified deferred compensation plans, covering risk exposure, and disability income analysis. We always focus our recommendations with a view toward reducing taxes, attorney’s fees and court costs to the greatest extent possible. EMC provides personalized client specific recommendations to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Subjects which should be considered by all individual business owners which are addressed by working with EMC, LLC:

  • Will your family or partner loose the business to the IRS when you pass away?

You must have enough liquidity in the business to withstand this event.

  • Will you qualify for the special estate tax reduction strategies involving your business? 

Only a proper analysis will tell you if you do..

  • Are you paying more than your fair share in income taxes?

Your accountant tells you what you need to pay each year, but do they actually implement a plan to reduce your taxes?

  • Will your partner’s spouse be your partner if something would happen to him/her?

This will be true and this happens all the time without proper planning.

  • Will the company have the resources to continue if one partner should die?

You can assure the company will be o.k. with the right business plan.

  • Have you implemented a strategy to allow yourself to retire from the business?

Working needs to be a choice not a necessity.