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Thinking of your estate plan... A must listen before you decide to implement your plan.  Is a Will or a Revocable Trust better for you.  You take a lifetime to accumulate your money, don’t let your beneficiaries squander their inheritance within 90 days of your death.    


Long-term care.  A critical decision facing everyone—but a lot of individuals are in denial that they will not need such care.  The statistics are telling us otherwise.  Learn the options available to you – one alternative might surprise you.

  Fancy Titles or Qualified           

Who is qualified to assist you with your financial planning and portfolio management?  What do those letters mean after a person’s name?  Discover who is required by law to work in your best interest. A must listen to if you want to know you are receiving professional advice and counsel from a qualified individual.

  Individual Tax Planning     

April 15th.... it comes once a year and affects everyone.  Have you actually done tax planning?  Listening to this candid interview with a Tax Attorney/CPA will be sure to help you pay the IRS less money without you being fitted to wear one of those orange jump suits. 

  Property and Casualty Insurance     

All listeners will benefit from learning a few great tips from an industry veteran of 20+ years.  What coverage should you actually have?  What risks should you be concerned about that most people fail to cover?


Recently, the different number of types of mortgages, their terms, length of time, caps, fixed, variable, interest-only, no amortization, adjustable... all pretty confusing.  Listen to an industry veteran, the Mortgage Goddess, to discover the good and bad of these different types of mortgages.