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Estate Management Counselors, LLC provides comprehensive fee-based financial planning services to their clients.  Being fee-based, there is no incentive for EMC to sell their clients on “BUYING” a stock to earn a commission. Investment recommendations are based on what is in the client’s best interest without the conflict that exists in a typical stockbroker relationship. EMC provides personalized investment recommendations to help their clients achieve their goals and objectives.

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personalized investment recommendations

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Is your broker licensed to give financial, tax and legal advice?

How can your broker properly counsel you if he/she is not properly licensed in all of the above?

Does your portfolio really need to be adjusted every time you meet with your broker?

Many brokers only get paid if something new is sold to you.

Did your broker discuss how you could lose over half of your portfolio when you die?

This happens all the time when you work with a broker who does not coordinate your comprehensive financial and estate plan.

Did your broker tell you that more than 70% of your IRA might have to be paid to the IRS when you pass away?

Your investment portfolio MUST be coordinated with your estate plan to minimize what the IRS will try to take from your investments.

“We Align Your Portfolio, Estate Plan & Taxes”

Estate Management Counselors, LLC

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other professional services Include:

Clients of EMC are provided with objective financial recommendations and counseling to assist them in reaching their investment and personal objectives. 

Issues that may arise with investments: